Travelooker Series

Travelooker - Tourism Resources Platform

Travelooker creates a platform that can integrate the entire tourism industry market resources,
cooperating with online and offline network business model, plus flexible price structure,
provide High-quality value and creating value-added solutions, for the market and stakeholders.

Travelooker's Ecosystem Includes

Travel enthusiasts: Create high-quality, low-risk and high-value tourism products
Distributors: Create high and stable double-sources income, and achieve a valuable and glorious life
Suppliers: Create stable growth performance and profit, complete enterprise deployment and forecast
Travelooker platform: Create Malaysia, and Southeast Asia's trusted No.1 Global Travel Brand, and No.1 Global Travel Entrepreneurship Platform, and to be travel industry innovation leader


At Travelooker, we know the desires and worries of tourists. Here we provide you with reasonable cost and high-value travel packages, attraction tickets, hotel accommodation and transfer services.

Customer Benefits


Stable and high income, free working hours, free travel opportunities, and a comprehensive training system are the dreams of all tour operators. At Travelooker, we prepare for you one by one and guide you to complete your dreams. The key point is that the entry barrier to become a Travelooker distributor is very low. Everyone can have career opportunities, so that all people who love to travel can make money while traveling around the world.

Member Benefits

The biggest business opportunity of this century

Business opportunities and smart travel plans that everyone cannot miss.

Member Benefits